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Bosch PSR 18 Cordless Drill/Driver + 2nd Battery from

"My previous Bosch cordless, bought in 1997, was heavy and hard work to hold. The new PSR 18 is lighter, comfortable to hold and much easier to operate. It also has a spare battery, which makes life much easier: it was very annoying having to stop in the middle of a job and wait several hours while the battery was recharged. This new drill is a real pleasure to use"


Big Trucks and Lorries : Video : Pictures

Some big lorries and trucks and pictures and videos

3 Reasons Mum Should Have A Hobby

Mums these days are so very busy, but we're more stressed than ever before and in need of lifestyle choices that help us be happier. Pursuing a hobby may be just the ticket

Dementia Quiz - Find out just how clever you really are ?

Do you still have your powers of reasoning after all these years, find out here.

Ford Capri : Classic Car : Video : Pictures : Information : Specs

The Capri proved highly successful with 400,000 cars sold until 1970 and still remains a very popular collectors car.

Lhasa Apso : Dog Breed : Video : Picture : Information

hey were used as watchdogs inside Tibetan monasteries for over 1200 years and they can be a little bossy.

Nelson's Victory, Portsmouth

Photos, video and information about Nelson's Flag Ship HMS Victory in Portsmouth, England

Tigers Big Cat : Video : Photos : Information : Animal

Tigers are predatory carnivores and the largest and most powerful of all living cat species